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New Semi Final Client Release
Hello everybody.. Hows you day btw?..?
Hoping that all was in a good shape.
Well as per above tittle mentioned,we already release the Semi Final Client. And of course you can download it and use it directly.
What was in this new Semi Final Client?

+We make GM Char suit 'turn off'
+We make change in font type
+We fix almost issue about the problem regarding to old client
+We did make changes to number when being hit(more bigger and separate between both number) and more

Why are we doing this?..?
It is because the old client was bit lack of  skill and new implementation.We doing this because we want to reduce the time after new patch was release.Before this its takes much time to repack when we release the new patch right,but now no more.We also doing this because its more secure and yes we try to give the best to RRO player.Easiest for us to update something new and adventures and easy for player to update in a sec and rejoin the adventures fot the RRO.  Th_meow

**The Old Client Will Be Disable Completely After April 1st 2018**
Reoka-RO® Moderator & Founder
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